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    The area offers many activities, with the natural
    environment to inspire you.


The region is suitable for many activities, with its natural environment to inspire you to walk in the mountains and the flatland nearby the river.

Walk in nature

If you want to just enjoy the wonderful natural landscape and the beauty of the region, you can make walks in the nature nearby the river Acheron. In several places it is possible to cross the river with relative ease, while for the more adventurous there are several places where you can enjoy a swim and cool off in the icy waters of the river.

Hiking in Acheron

Starting from the famous Souli's mills you can enjoy the unique nature of our region along beautiful hiking trails. The Souli's mills is an idyllic location in a beautiful rural landscape. According to tradition, the old watermill located there used by the Souliots for grinding their cereals with waters to fall into the river from a height of 15 meters. Behind the old mill spring the waters of the stream which then reach the famous Acheron.

Rafting on the river Acheron

By visiting our region you are going to experience strong emotions going for rafting in the river Acheron. The route from the bridge of Glykis is short and accessible for everyone (2nd and 3rd degree of difficulty). For the more adventurous and experienced there are and difficult parts of the river from Sertziana to Gliki for rafting, lasting 4-5 hours, with passes of 3rd and 4th degree of difficulty. Because of the headwaters the river has always water and rafting is done throughout the year. According to the legend, we follow the same path with the Grim Reaper carrying souls to the doanation to the underworld.

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